Salty Swami

Salty Swami Softboards are the end result of working with eps foam core and epoxy vacuum bag glassing techniques over the best part of 30 years. Toughness is accentuated with the insertion of a bamboo layer on the deck, and maximised with a carbon fibre deck patch. Double stringers add strength, whilst nose and tail bumpers protect both.

The Swamis are continually being test-piloted at Sri Lanka’s Aragum Bay Surf Schools, in Australia at Kingo’s, Victor Harbour, South Australia and at Coolangatta Boardstore at the Super Bank. Our Hire and Surf School Ambassadors continually provide feedback for further strength and development.

Salty Swami Softboards are made to handle the learning curve as an integral part of a surfer's progress from the beginning of the surfing equipment experience.