Pin It

Natural progression from big wave Sunset guns required shorter boards for powerful, directional performance. A tight pin tail took round tail roll out of boards a foot shorter, adding extra tail concave kept them in the water, as pin- tail wingers took on tube and high speed lines at Honolua and Jeffreys from 1974 on.

The classic Pin Wings were developed at the peak of TF’s surfing career during the mid-70’s. Simon’s tri-fin revolution may have put an end to the single fin at Bells ’81, but, even that day is remembered for some of Terry’s most flamboyant surfing on a 7’5 version of one of these most perfect vehicles.

 SIZE GUIDE: 6’10 – 7’10


FADE SPRAYS - (Some colour options provided in the images).  Choose a PMS colour and either specify at checkout, email us or phone us for assistance. 

FADE PLUS SPRAYS - (Some designs & colours provided in the images -  Floyd Rainbow or Neon). Express your individuality with your own graphic. Your design is airbrushed on the deck or bottom of a custom TF handshape by artist Martyn Worthington. A wide range of colours can be introduced. Martyn applies a glossed & polished finish to accentuate colour. Any choice of PMS colour codes can be used (hand spraying can cause some tonal variation).

Email your photos / graphic designs / sketch concepts or phone us for assistance.

MURALS - Rainbow Original handshapes have been handsprayed with murals by artist Martyn Worthington since 1972. Martyn's airbrushing talents are often described as "psychedelic" but always remain true to their surf/art roots.  Murals are airbrushed on the bottom of the board with a Fade finish to the deck, glossed and polished to accentuate colour. Martyn prefers to incorporate individual designs into his artwork so feel free to email your design themes & choice of Fade colours (top and bottom)



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