HB Sunglasses - HBOMB Design

H-BOMB Sunglasses are inspired by 1970's style and pays tribute to the original h-bomb surfboard design. This pair of frames has clean lines and looks sharp with the wooden arm.
Produced by our Brazilian factory with high certification standards - ABNT (Brazilian Technical Standards Association). 

Warranty :
Polytech® - high-tech polyamide developed exclusively for HB, has high resistance to aggression from sunlight, perspiration and high temperatures. It is characterized for being very light and resistant.
Polarized lens - lenses specially designed to prevent the reflected light or propagate in a certain direction that harms your eyes.
NBR 15111: 2004 - All solar glasses HB possess the Certificate of ABNT (Brazilian Technical Standards Association) for the NBR 15111: 2004. This means that the entire manufacturing process, raw materials and final product meet the highest standards of quality and safety to visual health, providing 100% protection against UVA, UVB and UVC to the user.





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