H-BOMB Alt 2


The H-Bomb is a small wave down the line special with less rocker and a forward wide point easily allowing surfing this board a good 6 - 8 inches shorter than your average all-rounder. Parallel rails from wide point to tail provide plenty of drive through the deadest of sections, combine this with a smooth V and rounded pin tail for easy rail to rail speed generating maneuverability. Extra tail area allows a Five-Fin set-up for tri and quad sessions.



In Australia, Surfboards, Kneeboards and Foilboards are delivered by TNT Couriers as follows:-

  • Short Surfboards, Kneeboards and Foilboards - $50.00 
  • T-Drop, Funboards, Malibus & Long boards - $75.00
  • Multiple order – by quotation
  • Remote areas may require an adjusted rate

International Shipping:

  • All Items by quotation