BB FINS - Octoblades


The technically researched and flexible form of the Octoblade fin allows power and precision without physical stress.

NATURAL RUBBER - No sythnethics.

XS - S - M - L - XL

COLOUR - White Heel Blue Toe

•Laser Rails - Sharp
thickened edges for push offs.
• Shortened Blades
• Perfect integration of soft
and hard rubber
• Drain holes


In Australia, all shipping is FREE for non-surfboard items using either Australia Post or TNT Delivery.

Surfboards, Kneeboards and Foilboards are delivered by TNT as follows:-

  • Short Surfboards, Kneeboards and Foilboards - $50.00 
  • T-Drop, Funboards, Malibus & Long boards - $75.00
  • Multiple order – by quotation

International Shipping:

  • All Items by quotation