Launched in 2012, Torq Surfboards created a new standard in the epoxy surfboard market, offering an unmatched combination of strength and performance. This year sees the innovation step up a gear with new shapes, new graphics and new technologies. The Torq range now offers 5 types of boards for all levels of surfer with each range seeing advancements : -

  • Torq TEC (Torq Epoxy Composite) offers user-friendly performance shapes. These boards offer the best strength to weight ration on the market. For this year we have replaced fiberglass with a carbon stringer on the deck to enable a more responsive flex with the same strength.
  • Torq X-Lite takes a hug jump in technology – now featuring a high-density impact foam insert with clear deck lamination, these boards are both stronger AND lighter. This innovative technology is used exclusively on the Channel Islands model; The Pod Mod.
  • Torq TET (Torq Epoxy technology) is the worlds most advanced, most accurate and low waste surfboard making process on the planet, creating the more durable, consistent weight and quality board. This year sees two new graphic lines added to the range.
  • TET-CS (Carbon Strip) utilizes the same advanced TET process but with a performance oriented lay-up. The result: less weight, same strength and a killer new look.
  • Our Soft Deck board uses an additional PE deck skin over a full laminated core to offer a safe, first-time learning option in this durable, easy surfing range.


TET Production Process - Torq surfboards from Torq Surfboards on Vimeo.