HB Surfboard Models

Individual expression and the surfing experience is only limited by the surfboard under your feet, and the waves you are prepared to ride.

Over the decades, HB shapers and surfers have worked to create surfboards for all levels of ability. HB’s goal is to build surfboards that work best when you need them – when waves are the best.

All of the HB Model computer cut-files are continually refined using feedback from HB’s surfers who test all models in one of the world’s toughest arenas, North Narrabeen. HB’s shapers work with the latest computer software ensuring accuracy and the capacity to reproduce all models to the highest standard and accuracy.

Our CN Customs use Australian Bennett foam exported to our dedicated manufacturer. The CN factory uses only the best imported raw materials and is continually researching best practice production techniques in both polyester and epoxy construction. The result is quality, performance and choice.