Hot Buttered Surfboard Rainbow models are available in limited numbers from the hands of Terry Fitzgerald and Martyn Worthington. Each board is machined, hand-shaped, uniquely airbrushed and fully glossed and polished to ensure strength and the highest quality classical finish.

Each shape features the original "rainbow" Hot Buttered Surfboards logo and Terry's customized fin technology. The models and spray designs shown are evolved from those originally conceived by Terry and Martyn since 1971.
All shapes and artwork are adaptable to individual requirements in the true sense of custom surfboards.

All Rainbow boards come with TF Fins. 




During the ‘70’s it was hard to find a more influential Australian surfer/shaper in Hawaii than Terry Fitzgerald. His Sunset Guns introduced concaves with spiral vee and wings in well documented sessions which epitomised the style and speed of the short board revolution.

The board’s roots are in the first 6’10 ‘wing’ flyer roundtail proto-types and the first Hot Buttered Surfboards launched at Narrabeen’s Carpark Rights, then taken to the world stage at Sunset’s West Peak. As the weapon of choice for ‘Mr Body Torque’, the gun versions were designed for speed with the added ability to break lines after long fades and bottom turns.

Guide: 7’4 - 9’0




Aggressive performance surfing required complete faith in your board, especially in the pocket, the rounded area pin provided tight turn creativity and down the line speed from flattened rocker, thin tail and double concave spiral see and a forward wide-point extending the tail rail line for long arcs and power drives. Bobby Owns rode Nick Carroll’s 6’8 area pin at Bells in ’81, winning the Trials and just about everything else before meeting Simon riding his new fangled Thruster - on the day that changed surfing.

Guide: 6’3 – 6’10





The natural flow-on from the Sunset guns, were smaller, tighter surfing pin-tail wingers. A nose vee blends into a flat entry area and through to concaves in what is perhaps the most typical of Terry’s designs. The first boards had single wings which evolved into fluted double wingers giving the board ability to deal with long and short turns but still be able to run high and straight - something few boards do even today. Peak performances came when put under pressure in waves like Jeffreys Bay in South Africa and Honolua Bay on Maui.

The Classic Wing Pin was developed at the peak of Terry’s surfing career during the mid- 70’s. Simon’s tri-fin revolution may have put an end the the single fin at Bells ’81, but, that event is also remembered for some of Terry’s most flamboyant surfing with one of these most perfect vehicles under his feet.

Guide: 6’10 – 7’10





A typical driving high performance surfboard for clean powerful waves. Originally derived from earlier work on wing pins and swallows in Hawaiian and South African waters, which developed into the “good - wave” all-rounder that no HB team rider dared leave home without. The rapid narrowing of the tail through the wing additions made it ideal for fitting into barrels from Burleigh Heads to Uluwatu (where TF won the inaugural Om-Bali Pro), and with the extra planing area, groove neatly into hollow smaller wave spots around the globe. Speed is retained with the front foot over the belly concave and manoeuvrability with the back foot over the classic “spiral” see and wings.

Guide: 5’8 – 6’5





The major design challenge was created by the onset of thruster technology in early ‘80s. In a radical stab at the three-fin phenomena, TF came up with a creation named Drifta: a single-fin-focused concave to deep double concave with smaller outriding fins and a fluted second wing. The small-wave Driftas – downsized to at least four inches shorter than the regular shortboards of the day – were crazily fun boards, alternately skating across flat and fat spots, but carving on edges, oddly reminiscent of the Fish shapes of an earlier time. The Drifta’s fun side does not compromise its higher performance levels, as team rider Nick Carroll proved by winning the Australian Title against twin-fin, single and thruster opposition of the time.

A re-evolution for hot surfing happiness, the Drifta’s uncompromising design is capable of down the line speed and carving line breaks. Truly a board for transitions: singles to tri-fins, speed to modern performance surfing.

Guide: 5’6 - 6’4

XXXL: 7’6 - 8’0




Derek Hynd’s extraordinary addition to the twin fin design stream differed dramatically to MR’s deep V style. The original TF shaped DH concept features prominent concaves through the fin area, a refined, thinner beaked nose line (heralding the no-nose era), and a stabilizer fin (foreshadowing the tri-fin).

To swooping arcs and snaps, DH added 360. foam bounces and even footstraps for more adventure. In this second coming, TF’s influences were Bertleman and Liddell, for DH, Smithy and Ron Woodward. Derek’s brand of aggressive pocket surfing took him to No. 7 in the World, twice.

SIZE GUIDE: 5’4 – 6’2



As the decades shifted gears, one of TF’s biggest design challenges came in the shape of rising star Derek Hynd. Here was a surfer who drew lines unlike anyone else, and who had strong ideas of his own on the boards he wanted to ride. The pair clicked almost instantly, working on single con- cave twin-fin wing swallows and chopped squares which Derek took into the rarefied heights of the world’s top ten. Elements of these designs – particularly the single concave multi-fin tails – are clearly visible in cutting edge surfboards worldwide today. Apart from anything else, they demonstrated the fruits of intelligence at work; there was no luck involved in the development of the DH quiver. To paraphrase one of Terry’s favourite sayings, it was revolution and evolution all in one.


“Single Fin versus No Fin – Sarah Desert” for footage of DH surfing his original SlingShot Twin Fins with footstraps.




Developed to ensure maximum drive off the bottom and pivotal snaps since the early ‘70’s. Essentially unchanged since Wayne Lyndon and Darryl Holmes began laying up 32 layers of fibreglass at the original HB factory, TF’s wide based singles are built to provide the security we all need to lean on.

Available in 7 1/2”, 8” and 8” Wide sizes

Colours: White, White with colour strip and Tinted Resin.




Colour is at the heart of defining identity and individuality at Hot Buttered Surfboards. With airbrushes and spray guns, Martyn personalises the surfing experience for all with his amazing designs, fades and colour combinations. Truly the embodiment of ‘surfing as art, art as surfing’.