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Rusty Preisendorfer on Wings:

Wings are a break in the outline of a board, typically located somewhere in the back third of the tail. The modern outlook on wings is that they help to step down the area or width without incurring excessive curve. Wings also create a fulcrum or defined pivot point in the rail line. Wings, or “Flyers” as the Aussies call them, first gained popularity in the early 70’s through the creative efforts of Terry Fitzgerald, Dick Brewer, Reno Abellira, and other forward thinking designers.

Origins of wings? Inspired after watching Bunker Spreckles at Pokala in the Hawaiian summer of 1971, Fitzy actually incorporated them to add area and lift to narrower tailed singles fins of the day.

From Fitzy:

“The very first idea came from Bunker riding a kneeboard with rope handles which he pulled up to run highlines. Helping, were keel shaped resin fins stuck horizontally into the rails.

The jump came in our winter 1972. My Hawaiian influenced boards did not have enough tail area to skate flat spots at Narrabeen. So, wings were ADDED (to boards we called flyers) for extra area, but keeping a narrow tail (which was freed up with concaves) for the pocket.

Pinching the ‘wing/flyer’ gave bite (á la Bunker’s idea), with concaves sucking up the face: pure highline speed. Importantly, the wing is a breakpoint in the plan shape, perfect for lip snaps and cutbacks

The Three Pure Benefits;

- More planing area to skate across the flats.
- Pinched wing to stick in the face and run highlines.

- A rail break point to snap off.

Wings were not something created by cutting a piece OUT of the tail. They are an ADD-ON to the rail line/planshape and pinched for minimal effect on rail and rocker foils. The double-edged development of wings and concaves were tested in Hawaii that year and launched in Australia in ‘73”

40 years later wings, and concaves, still play an important roll as design enhancement tools. One, two, or three sets of wings, square or rounded.

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