HB Eclectics








Designed to rejuvenate your surfing. Bored with a hybrid? Not getting enjoyment from your shortboard? The key is catching and making waves. Let the Monster Fish do the work with a wide planshape and nose-entry allowing wave catching momentum. Large board measurements in the mid-section, a light single to Vee/double concave for maneuverability based on volume and the added life of a tight swallow tail.


6’8 21 2 5/8 42.41
6’10 21 1/4 2 3/4
7’0 21 1/2 2 3/4 46.93
7’2 21 5/8 2 7/8 50.37

FINS: HB Surffinz x 3

Hot Buttered’s Epoxy Vacuum Technology systems engineer surfboards incorporating the lightweight benefits of an eps foam core with high quality epoxy resin and biaxial fibreglass strength. The stringerless blanks provide consistent flex when loading up and then plenty of pop when releasing out of the bottom, or, off the top.

Added to the matrix are bamboo inserts either top and bottom for maximum strength and load-up, or, deck only which is still stiff and strong, but with more flex than the double bamboo turbo. Epoxy production has the highest of quality control to ensure maximum durability.


HB’s EVT construction is available in four models for life after PU:


• Slam Fish

• H-Bomb

• Monster Fish

•  Fun board