HB Custom Surfboards

Since 1971 the Hot Buttered team of custom shapers and glassers offer extensive knolwedge in crafting surfboards for all conditions and breaks. New HB model designs are either tested at Narrabeen or by the national shaper. For custom surfboard enquiries, contact your local HB surf shop or our shapers listed below to refine and design your next surfboard.




Terry Fitzgerald has been shaping since 1969 and has designed and surfed his own surfboards ever since. Terry created the first wing flyers and concaves in the early ‘70’s then tested and proved the bottom shape of the future at Sunset, Bells, Ulu and Jeffreys Bay.

Contact Terry - Email: hotb1971@hotbuttered.com



Boyd Purdy has surfed the West Australian coast for more than 40 years, and now has over 25 years in the surfboard industry. Boyd surfed his way to representing WA 4 times and uses his enormous experience as the basis for his custom shaped boards where each individual’s requirements are focused.

Contact Yallingup Surf Company - Email: bpsurfshapes@wesnet.com.au - Tel: 0407 447 559







Contact Hank - Email: hankwarnershapes@aol.com - Tel: +619 733 1829