RM FLEX® uses fibre fusion technology to create a high-performance stringerless surfboard. The embedded fusion strands stiffen the centre of the board and creates flex on the tail, pre-loads the rail to create a super flex patern that puts you tight in the pocket and gives accelerated speed through turns.

RYAN MARCO BACKGROUND: "I had a childhood dream to become a surfboard shaper, and that's what I did and thats why im doing everyday and I love it. I flicked my squeegee and pushed my planer through a couple of factories locally and abroad and learnt a couple of things from some legends. I don’t consider myself only a shaper, but more a board builder, getting involved from start to finish".

KNOWN FOR: “Shaping the perfect small wave board”. Alternative construction and innovation. Founder and creator of RM Flex performance enhancing stringer systems.

INFLUENCES: Errol Hickman, Baron Stander, RM Brasil and TF.

The embedded RM FLEX technology allows faster flex and recoil between tighter turns, giving you torque, drive and speed like never before. By tightening up the turn it allows for a three turn wave to become a five turn wave. The light single concave leading into a deep double concave between the fins, fading out into the vee, creates super drive and projection unmatched by traditional stringer boards. This model works well in all conditions, and is suitable for experienced to professional surfers.



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