RAINBOW - Chopped Square

Price guide from $1540 (graphics) $2365 (murals) 

After a decade of re-working area pintails, swallows, double wings and tapering single-fin foils, TF was faced with a question: where to go? Already into multi-fins, with DH’s boards and the Driftas, yet was looking for something faster, free-er, harder. And with the talent of the most powerful weight-for-age kid on the block blasting everything he put his size 12 on, the next step was…… Square off the tail, add a full concave bottom with a slight see behind the back fin, roll the nose off a leading edge and hand it to Vetea David! Suddenly a 5’8” was drawing 6’2” lines, a 6’8 drawing 7’2 arcs. Tri-fin set-ups became a different animal with the corners of the square holding bite and line. This board is all about open faces carves

and tight aggression in the pocket, anyone who has seen Vetea wide open and railing Jeffreys Bay, Ha-piti or any point on the planet knows what it’s about.


5'10 - 6'7 / 6'8 - 6'10



Handsprayed air brushing by Martyn Worthington since 1972. Martyn's talents are often described as "psychedelic" but always remain true to their surf/art roots. Select either:

FADE SATIN - Top and Bottom of the board with a fade finish to the deck, glossed and polished to accentuate colour.

MURALS -  Airbrushed on the bottom of the board with a Fade finish to the deck, glossed and polished to accentuate colour. Martyn prefers to incorporate individual designs into his artwork so feel free to email your design themes & choice of Fade colours (top and bottom). 

Refer to Spray Samples 


Shipping by TNT Couriers from our Sydney warehouse. Price by quotation.