Beyond Litmus, Twin Fins and Derek Hynd

Beyond Litmus, Twin Fins and Derek Hynd

Two decades after Litmus, film makers Jon Frank, Andrew Kidman and Mark Sutherland have reunited with Derek Hynd, whose J-Bay sessions in the original film are the stuff of legend. 'His surfing reset what surfers worldwide wanted beneath their feet and led to the biggest revolution in boards since the shortboard. Derek is joined by several members of the original cast to consider where their lives lived through surfing have taken them. What differing paths have been travelled by the core Litmus protagonists since then and now?'.

Derek Hynd was among the wide and varied group of surfing eccentrics, intellectuals and free-spirited characters at the commencement of the Hot Buttered brand. Derek Hynd epitomised ’inner truths’ at every level of pure individuality. Derek's extraordinary addition to HB's twin fin design stream differed dramatically to MR’s deep V style. The original TF shaped DH concept features prominent concaves through the fin area, a refined, thinner beaked nose line (heralding the no-nose era), and a stabilizer fin (foreshadowing the tri-fin). To swooping arcs and snaps, DH added 360. foam bounces and even footstraps for more adventure. In this second coming, TF’s influences were Bertleman and Liddell, for DH, Smithy and Ron Woodward. Derek’s brand of aggressive pocket surfing took him to No. 7 in the World, twice.




Check out the Derek Hynd Retro Twin Fin footage on HB Channel 


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