Custom surfboard - Rainbow Collection by TF

A very happy custom shape client...


Cheyne Horan style custom surf board

Rory's Board

Made a few of these for Cheyne back in the '80's (he won Bell's on one too).
Rory had a red one made and rode it for a lifetime. Just re-birthed another for him.
Edged tail, concave v, bow nose, winged keel - a true customs for those who go
where none have gone before.


Rainbow surfboards

A southerly change sweeps up the coast, pushing a lumpy swell on the horizon while the wind cleans the inside. Rainbows can only be seen when the sun has got your back and the storm is in your eye. Getting in a few between squalls is all about being on the spot

Hot Buttered Surfboards

Hot Buttered handspray surfboards by Martyn Worthington

Hot Buttered airbrush art

Hot Buttered Handshape surfboards by Terry Fitzgerald

Hot Buttered Handshapes

Hand shaped surfboards

Add a custom HB handshape to your quiver.

Original Terry Fitzgerald Rainbow Handshapes with Mural and Fade finishes are available from our ONLINE SHOP or contact us at and 02 9970 8000.

Rainbow Surfboard designs include: Double Wing Swallow, Drifta, Pin Wing, Round Swallow Tail, Rounded Pin, Slingshot and Sunset Gun

HB Rainbow Mural boards

Hot Buttered You Tube Channel

The HB Channel is here -


Surfing World May/June Galaxy campaign

HB SW 5-13 sml

Surf World Museum Torquay

Interview with Terry Fitzgerald on his first trip to Bells Beach - TF interview

Hot Buttered Single Fin Surfboards - Murals

Rainbow Handshape Surfboards by Terry Fitzgerald can now be ordered online at the ONLINE SHOP menu bar.

HB Mural boards