Derek Hynd

Courtesy of Hardcore Magazine: "The fountain of youth: Derek Hynd and revolution planks without keel. Check out the video" (The music's pretty cool too) Derek Hynd  

Good Vibrations retro Classic - Canggu Beach Bali

"In a celebration of all things classic in surfing, the second annual Good Vibrations Retro Classic surf competition will take over Canggu Beach in Bali on Saturday, August 25 for a great day of surfing with old and new friends, music and entertainment, environmental awareness programs and beach cleanups, surfboard demo’s, and more. A field of 48 surfers will be joining this 2nd annual event at arguably Bali’s most popular wave playground of Canggu Beach, their primary objective to impress the judging panel and the crown on the beach with their ability to master the single fin style surfboard. The surfers are only allowed to use either old classic boards or new versions of the old classics in the competition; the only stringent requirement is that the board must have no more than one fin. The one-day competition organized and sponsored by Drifter Surf Shop, Mantra, and Insight Indonesia will culminate in a 6-man final, where each finalist will receive their own new single fin surfboard just for making it to the final. Up for grabs are two classic “Morning of the Earth” style boards, two pintail “Gerry Lopez” style boards, and two wingtip pintail boards. The overall winner gets his or her name on the perpetual Good Vibrations trophy that will be housed alternately in The Drifter Surf, Mantra, and at Insight. There will also be awards for the biggest drop, deepest barrel, most stylish turn, biggest wipeout, and any other crazy maneuvers that may manifest themselves during this day of retro expression.... ....And with legends like Terry Fitzgerald, Mitchell Rae, and the “Drifter” himself Rob Machado coming, it promises to be one heckuva highlight in Bali’s 2012 surf season" Good Vibrations  

Australian surfing awards - Hall of Fame

Thank you to the team who wrote the 2013 Hall of Fame inductee Description for Terry Fitzgerald :

"Terry Fitzgeralds one of a handful of Australia’s surfers whose career highlights span the years from the longboard era of the 1960s through to the birth and development of professional surfing in the 1970s. As a surfer, shaper, innovator, administrator and businessman, he has played a pivotal role in Australian surfing for more than 30 years.

His distinctive surfing style at Sunset Beach, Hawaii earned him the nickname of “Mr Body Torque”, whilst epic session at Jeffries Bay South Africa resulted in the colourful sobriquet “the Sultan of Speed” – both terms capturing the exciting essence of his surfing.

Terry Fitzgerald’s competitive career first blossomed in the mid sixties as a finalist in both the NSW Schoolboys Title (1966) and Bells Junior title in (1967). By 1969 he was the Australian Universities Champion and in 1970 a competitor in the World Titles at Bells Beach and Johanna.

During this period surfboard lengths dropped from 9ft to 5ft10in. As a cutting edge shaper, Terry Fitzgerald was involved in these developments and in two North Shore winters in the early 1970’s, worked in conjunction with Reno Abellira, Gerry Lopez and Dick Brewer in recuing longboard lengths from 9’6” rhino chasers to 7’10” mini guns. In 1971 he was finalist and Australia’s only representative in the Duke Kahanamoku Classic in Hawaii, and it was this performance which launched his professional career and the formation of his Hot Buttered surf company that same year.

His competitive career highlights include winning the 1972 Bells, 1975 Lightning Bolt and 1980 Om Bali Pro contests, and a host of minor places in the Coke and World Cup events. In 1975 he headed the inaugural international ratings of the ASPA and was therefore the world’s No. 1 ranked surfer.

Terry Fitzgerlad’s Hot Buttered Surfboards have been leaders in design and innovation since the company’s inception. From kneeboards through to surfboards to high performance sailboards, Hot Buttered’s distinctive shapes and spray jobs have set the company apart.

Terry Fitzgerlad’s family, surfing and business commitments have been combined with ancillary activities as surf administrator, newspaper columnist, radio reporter, contest director, surf explorer, traveller and sponsor of surfing talent including that of his sons Kye, Joel and Liam.

In every sense his life has been a continuous commitment to the surfing lifestyle".