Spirit of Akasha

Spirit of Akasha

Terry Fitzgerald featured in Alby Falzon's original film 'Morning of the Earth' and continues his surfing internationally whilst shaping his single fin surfboards and other designs at Hot Buttered in Australia.
As a sequel to the iconic Falzon film, Andrew Kidman has produced 'Spirit of Akasha'. During the initial showing of the 'Spirit of Akasha' at San Sebastian Film Festival in 2013, the Single Fin segment received some of the greatest reviews which perhaps demonstrates both the awe felt when watching single fin and free style surfing and the connection with the benefits of riding single fin surfboards.



Restored Hot Buttered Round Wing Swallow

We thought we should share the following story. For new Swallow Tails, check out RAINBOW CUSTOM BOARDS Mid 70's retsored HB swallow tail Hello, I'd like to show you a classic HB I have recently had restored.  The board is 6'5", wing swallow tail, single to double concave, a yellow spray (beyond the fade of time) with pinched low rails in the tail toward the flyers.  It is numbered 5083. Personally, I'm over the moon as I've wanted a HB like this since I was 17 in 1992.  I grew up surfing single fins in WA in the 1990's, when like minded people were fairly thin on the ground and HB's were made of unobtainium. Greg who ran Oceans surf shop had a couple of them - massive airbrushed guns that made the greatest statement I'd ever seen on a surfboard.  I was in awe. If you have any more information about the board, I'd love to learn as much as I can about it.  Any tips for riding?  I am more at home on single fins anyway.  How would it differ from riding a Drifta III - if I was lucky enough to order one from you in the future? It will now be preserved as long as this History graduate can keep it - and surf it from time to time! Lastly, a very big thank you to TF, KF and JF for the inspiration over the years. Kind regards John, Torquay   Hi John, 5083 would place it in the mid-70's, so one of the earlier round wing swallows. Not shaped by me, but, by Frank Williams (later of tri-fin fame). Frank worked to my designs and was incredible at getting production through, hence the 'Designed by.... decal under the rainbow. Yes, surfs very different from a Drifta, those little side fins really do help transform a wide tail into a tight tail. However, what you have there is the beginning of today's standard bottom shape, concave and v combos.... with wings. Thanks for the compliments, much appreciated. John, you have to surf this bugger OK.... paddle it out at Winki on a mid-size day and aim it. Have fun. Terry  

Hot Buttered Handshape surfboards by Terry Fitzgerald

Hot Buttered Handshapes

Max Tag for Hot Buttered by Mark Onorati

Max Tag by Onorati

Hot Buttered movies

The re-release of SULTANS OF SPEED - first time available since it's VHS release in 1989 is now available from The Surf Network... http://www.thesurfnetwork.com/movies#search/sort=mp/query=sultans Hot Buttered Movies

Hot Buttered EVE surfboard

HB EVE surfboard is no longer in production. Can be custom made to order - email: hotb1971@hotbuttered.com

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Hot Buttered EVE Surfboard

Derek Hynd

Courtesy of Hardcore Magazine: "The fountain of youth: Derek Hynd and revolution planks without keel. Check out the video" (The music's pretty cool too) http://hardcore.uol.com.br/18827-HC_de_Julho Derek Hynd  

Hand shaped surfboards

Add a custom HB handshape to your quiver.

Original Terry Fitzgerald Rainbow Handshapes with Mural and Fade finishes are available from our ONLINE SHOP or contact us at hb197@hotbuttered.com and 02 9970 8000.

Rainbow Surfboard designs include: Double Wing Swallow, Drifta, Pin Wing, Round Swallow Tail, Rounded Pin, Slingshot and Sunset Gun

HB Rainbow Mural boards

Surfing World May/June Galaxy campaign

HB SW 5-13 sml

Surf World Museum Torquay

Interview with Terry Fitzgerald on his first trip to Bells Beach - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQsSLoj834A TF interview

Hot Buttered Single Fin Surfboards - Murals

Rainbow Handshape Surfboards by Terry Fitzgerald can now be ordered online at the ONLINE SHOP menu bar.

HB Mural boards

Good Vibrations retro Classic - Canggu Beach Bali

"In a celebration of all things classic in surfing, the second annual Good Vibrations Retro Classic surf competition will take over Canggu Beach in Bali on Saturday, August 25 for a great day of surfing with old and new friends, music and entertainment, environmental awareness programs and beach cleanups, surfboard demo’s, and more. A field of 48 surfers will be joining this 2nd annual event at arguably Bali’s most popular wave playground of Canggu Beach, their primary objective to impress the judging panel and the crown on the beach with their ability to master the single fin style surfboard. The surfers are only allowed to use either old classic boards or new versions of the old classics in the competition; the only stringent requirement is that the board must have no more than one fin. The one-day competition organized and sponsored by Drifter Surf Shop, Mantra, and Insight Indonesia will culminate in a 6-man final, where each finalist will receive their own new single fin surfboard just for making it to the final. Up for grabs are two classic “Morning of the Earth” style boards, two pintail “Gerry Lopez” style boards, and two wingtip pintail boards. The overall winner gets his or her name on the perpetual Good Vibrations trophy that will be housed alternately in The Drifter Surf, Mantra, and at Insight. There will also be awards for the biggest drop, deepest barrel, most stylish turn, biggest wipeout, and any other crazy maneuvers that may manifest themselves during this day of retro expression.... ....And with legends like Terry Fitzgerald, Mitchell Rae, and the “Drifter” himself Rob Machado coming, it promises to be one heckuva highlight in Bali’s 2012 surf season" Good Vibrations