Heath Joske

Shaping my first concaves in the early 70's, prepping for Sunset and a trip to Bells, revolution really, but, speed was in the blood. Those days foam was all hand cut with planers and cleaned up with surforms and sanding blocks. I'd done the hard yards and developed a way to actually cut double to single concaves with my planer. It was all in the wrist. Anyway, I'd heard what Paul Joske was doing up at Valla, we had only met once or twice, but, I admired his boards and respected him as a person.

Paul walked into my shaping bay one day and asked if I'd show him how I cut my concave bottoms...... no stress, wham bamm. In the years since Paul has always acknowledged that little episode, which speaks highly of the man. Over the years I've kept passing interest on the Joske surfing family. To say TRUE BLUE is an understatement. When Heath pulled his highline at J'Bay, and then backed it up with a back-hander on the mike, I can only say I was humbled...... not only for the recco, but, to know that Paul and his family remain awesome. Tips my lid.

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