Custom Surfboards by HB | Hot Buttered | Terry Fitzgerald

Custom Surfboards by HB | Hot Buttered | Terry Fitzgerald

Custom surfboards by Hot Buttered

And on the sunny side of the planet......Jimmy pulling the Trigger
Jaymes Triglone - Slam Fish/ photo Mark Onorati

Slam Fish by Hot Buttered Surfboards

Slam Fish designs by HB are now in the us for your nearest stockist

September 26, 2014 — Terry Fitzgerald

Bamboo surfboards & more - test riding the HB range

Jaymes Triglone riding an eclectic mix of HB surfboards including a Bamboo Epoxy, a BM Custom, his TF single fin Drifta and one of J's garage shapes. Testing, testing, testing - riding both board and wave.




Custom surfboard by HB

James Triglone putting a Brandon custom S-Project through it's paces,
nothing like precision that comes with burying rails.

Terry Fitzgerald surf footage mid 1970s

September 05, 2014 — Terry Fitzgerald

Hot Buttered Surfboards - Cool Down

39 degrees in Sydney today. TRIM is in. STRAIGHT is great.... this photo by the talented Mark Onorati makes us feel cooled-down, just by looking at it.

Hot Buttered cool down

HB Single Fin surfboards - Fade finishes

Handshapes by Terry Fitzgerald in Australia are now available from our ONLINE SHOP

HB Rainbow boards Fades