Mural Surfboards | Single Fin Surfboards

Check out the new Single Fin models (and murals) at Hot Buttered Surfboards

August 14, 2017 — Terry Fitzgerald

Bodyboard King: James Kates Clip

August 10, 2016 — Terry Fitzgerald
SLIDE Skateboards New CLIP

SLIDE Skateboards New CLIP

May 03, 2016 — Terry Fitzgerald
Custom Surfboards by HB | Hot Buttered | Terry Fitzgerald

Custom Surfboards by HB | Hot Buttered | Terry Fitzgerald

Single Fin Surfboards - Drifta

Riptide HB 2015/16 Bodyboard guide

Riptide HB 2015/16 Bodyboard guide

November 17, 2015 — Terry Fitzgerald

Hubboards HAVE ARRIVED in Australia

Distributed by Hot Buttered, Hub body boards are newly launched from the US to the Australian surfer.

Their new podcast is live and Jeff says there's a couple of cool highlights to mention:
Dave going absolutely mental at blackrock ( prone, dk, stand up and dagger foot)
Dk roll (only second one ever landed both by Dave)
My broken foot (talus bone) revo at back rock @ 1;47"

Hubboards 2015 // Episode 3 from Hubboards Movies on Vimeo


October 20, 2015 — Terry Fitzgerald
Nathan Hedge pro surfer

Nathan Hedge pro surfer

One of the most powerful surfers - pound for pound.....maybe the most?
August 01, 2015 — Terry Fitzgerald

Custom surfboards by Hot Buttered

And on the sunny side of the planet......Jimmy pulling the Trigger
Jaymes Triglone - Slam Fish/ photo Mark Onorati

HB Bodyboards

Just in from James Kates.....he's wearing his ZION wetsuit for underwear......

"I'll be in Iceland for another week, mostly spent on the road searching for waves..
Found this pretty sweet left I think you'd enjoy.. "

October 29, 2014 — Terry Fitzgerald

Slam Fish by Hot Buttered Surfboards

Slam Fish designs by HB are now in the us for your nearest stockist

September 26, 2014 — Terry Fitzgerald

Bamboo surfboards & more - test riding the HB range

Jaymes Triglone riding an eclectic mix of HB surfboards including a Bamboo Epoxy, a BM Custom, his TF single fin Drifta and one of J's garage shapes. Testing, testing, testing - riding both board and wave.