As you can imagine HB receives numerous requests for information about individual Hot Buttered Surfboards, produced over the decades. To assist in any substantive way, photos of the deck, bottom, rocker and foil, fin and ID numbers (usually written behind the single or back fin) are useful.

It is of concern, that in the past, information provided in ‘good faith’ has been used in the re-sale of boards for substantial amounts. This can be hundreds of times wages paid to Martyn (or artists), the glasser, sander, shaper, glosser, or, polisher who created what are often ‘objets d’art’.

It is now company policy that HB will research your surfboard in our records and to the best of our ability supply information and a Certificate of Authenticity based on ‘best of knowledge’ facts, specification details and anecdotes relative to your original Hot Buttered Surfboard. This is at a one-off price of $500.00 (upon application). Not all surfboards qualify for a certificate, which are reserved for memorable and/or ground-breaking surfboards.

It is also requested if and when a Certified board is sold at auction in the memorabilia market, or, via other commercial venture, HB is to receive a 20% commission based on the sale price.

As an honour system, you, the owner of an original Hot Buttered creation, have an integral part in respecting the people that made your surfboard possible. Funds received will be shared between those involved in the production of your Hot Buttered Surfboard.

I would hope this policy is accepted in the positive spirit in which it is instituted and for the purpose of sharing factual information in relation to certified Hot Buttered Surfboards.