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"Surfing is Art. Art is Surfing".

Hot Buttered was founded in 1971 by Terry Fitzgerald designing, shaping and making surfboards to ride the world’s most challenging waves. “The Sultan of Speed” introduced wings, concaves and spiral vees to surfing and with Martyn Worthington’s amazing air brushes defined the colours of the modern surfboard. The two artists combined to make perhaps the strongest single statement in the history of surfing.

The HB umbrella has included some incredibly individual surfers, shapers and creative minds who have developed hand shaped surfboards, computer models, advanced technology in the manufacture of surf and bodyboards. Products include sunglasses, clothing and a full range of surfing accessories.

HB's headquarters is located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia with local and international distribution to quality retailers.

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Riptide HB 2015/16 Bodyboard guide

November 17, 2015

Check out the team and Body board range

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Hubboards HAVE ARRIVED in Australia

October 20, 2015

Distributed by Hot Buttered, Hub body boards are newly launched from the US to the Australian surfer. Their new podcast is live and Jeff says there's a couple of cool highlights to mention:Dave going absolutely mental at blackrock ( prone, dk, stand up and dagger foot) Dk roll (only second one ever landed both by Dave) My broken foot (talus bone) revo at back rock @ 1;47" Hubboards 2015 // Episode 3 from Hubboards Movies on Vimeo  

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